Assertiveness Digital Workshop

Speak up freely, Own Your Power


If you’re a person who wants to be seen, heard and valued, say what really matters to you clearly, concisely and courageous without filtering yourself then this workshop is for you.

Do you want the freedom to say what you really mean, speak your mind and get your point across without filtering your words or holding back for fear of looking foolish or rocking the boat?

  • Is staying silent holding you back?
  • Is it leading to regret and resentments?
  • Do you often worry that nothing will change if you don’t start speaking up now?

If you’ve had moments where staying silent has later played on your mind, and you’ve wondered in hindsight what you could have said differently to get your point across or views heard then this “Assertiveness Workshop: Speak Up Freely, Own Your Power” is for you.

Many people struggle to stand up for their points of view, and say what’s on their mind without coming across as pushy, aggressive, dominating, passive-aggressive or submissive. In this workshop you will learn the alternatives.

The workshop will equip you to start saying what’s on your mind without swinging on a pendulum between ‘nice’ and ‘nasty’ and build awareness around what’s getting in your way of you being assertive.

Some things we will cover:

  • Understanding what assertiveness is and what it isn’t: Uncover the misconceptions surrounding assertiveness. Understand how to courageously express yourself, without being worried, hesitating or resorting to being submissive or aggressive.
  • Know your real yes’s and real no’s: Learn how you can respond to the daily demands so that you’re no longer experiencing overwhelm and taking whatever is thrown at you. Challenge your own desires to always say yes, how that’s impacting you and what it’s costing you. Speak up without fear of judgement.
  • Shatter being ‘Nice’ as an expectation: Explore how being labelled as ‘nice,’ ‘kind,’ ‘considerate’ and ‘nurturing’ might be impacting on your assertiveness. Discover how being assertive doesn’t contradict kindness—it enhances your ability to be resolute, firm, and effective in communication.

Stop silencing or filtering yourself, being worried about whether what you’ve got to say is important and join us to cultivate a healthy relationship with assertiveness — to courageously express your views, opinions, concerns and desires so you can be seen, heard and valued.

It’s time to step into your power and express yourself without regrets or resentments. Take the first step toward reclaiming your voice at this “Assertiveness Workshop: Speak Up Freely and Own Your Power”and register now!

About the Event Host

Jeanette Mundy

Jeanette is a transformational leadership coach, with 35 years of business, training, and leadership experience, who supports people to unleash their potential and develop their business as a self-expression of who they are and what they care about. She sees many leaders with unique skills and untapped potential who question their ability to lead. Many who operate out of the fear and judgement that who they are isn’t enough, and that what they do won’t be good enough. Jeanette believes that when leaders look to what is within them they can discover potential and uniqueness that was masked by their doubts, changing the conversation they have about themselves from “I’m not enough” to “I am enough”. As a result, Jeanette’s clients trust their decisions and powerfully choose their path forward.


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