Impactful You Workshop

Lead from Within and Amplify Your Impact

In Person

Are you someone who wants to have an impact in areas you deeply care about? If you’re committed to making a difference, “Impactful You” will equip you to own your value and be courageously committed to yourself as a leader and the vision you have.

Are you committed to being a leader who makes a genuine impact in your family, business, organisation or community and the growth and potential of others?

Do you have ideas and opinions to share but you’re not speaking up or if you are, you’re struggling to get your point across where it really matters? Do you feel your ideas are not heard or you’re out of your depth when it comes to impacting or influencing outcomes, but aren’t sure how to change this?

If you want to have a bigger impact in those areas you deeply care about, get your ideas heard, and you’re committed to the growth and development of yourself and others, “Impactful You” is the workshop for you.

The workshop will help you understand what’s getting in the way and how to turn that around. It will equip you to own your value, share your vision and be courageous in getting your ideas heard and implemented.

Through this transformational approach to leading you’ll discover inner qualities that impact your leadership and will have a flow on effect to all areas of your life.

This is a foundational in person workshop to growing yourself in the areas of impact and influence.


  • Tea, coffee and light refreshments provided
  • Note paper and pen provided
  • Comfortable clothing recommended
Special offer!
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About the Event Host

Jeanette Mundy

Jeanette is a transformational leadership coach, with 35 years of business, training, and leadership experience, who supports people to unleash their potential and develop their business as a self-expression of who they are and what they care about. She sees many leaders with unique skills and untapped potential who question their ability to lead. Many who operate out of the fear and judgement that who they are isn’t enough, and that what they do won’t be good enough. Jeanette believes that when leaders look to what is within them they can discover potential and uniqueness that was masked by their doubts, changing the conversation they have about themselves from “I’m not enough” to “I am enough”. As a result, Jeanette’s clients trust their decisions and powerfully choose their path forward.


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