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Welcome to the Butterfly Effect Leadership Hub

This is where you can develop yourself as a leader to lead from within and amplify your impact

In the Butterfly Effect Leadership Program our focus is on developing authentic, courageous, confident and assertive leaders. Amplifying impact means building a strong confident, assertive presence, trusting relationships and sustainable partnerships. We invite individual women embarking on business ventures and women within community organisations who are intentional about making a difference in the social impact arenas.

The pathway for Butterfly Effect Leadership is:

‘BE’ Leadership Program is an interactive and immersive 3 month program designed to support you to:

By the end of the program you will:

The pathway embraces these three pillars to develop you into the leader you are meant to be:

Be True to Yourself

Be free to be authentically YOU without worrying about your imperfections

Shine your unique and authentic light into the world

Be empowered to empower others

Own your vulnerability to generate trust in yourself and others 

Fulfil your vision and commitment to empower yourself and others

Lead from Within

Access your inner sources of power to develop yourself as a leader 

Lead others from the source of power within you

Many people believe that leadership leadership is a set of skills that some lucky people have a talent for.

This is just not true. Leadership comes from within, and is a set of qualities that we all possess. We can’t one day just magically develop leadership skills without accessing the inner qualities that are primal to us all. These are qualities not skills.

How do we develop them? By transforming our relationship with them – from unhealthy to healthy.

Qualities such as;

By developing these into healthy aspects we will become our unique and authentic selves. Then, we can go out and express ourselves in the world, and positively impact and influence others to do the same.

To develop ourselves as leaders we first have to acknowledge and accept:

Once we’ve acknowledged these things that have been getting in our way we can move beyond the fears and focus on what we truly care about. We can bring ourselves back to ourselves, and stand in our power to focus on what truly matters to us. We can choose to impact and influence others to live to their full potential and we can choose that path for ourselves.

The magic of leadership is when you foster the potential in others and inspire them to make a difference

Butterfly Effect Leadership (BE) can absolutely support you to know your direction and steer you toward your legacy so you can make a greater impact and influence in the world. It’s a pathway for people who are ready to lead from within now! Meaning you have the hopes and dreams and vision to make a difference in the world at this phase in your life. If you feel excited and start visualising what could be possible for you please apply.

Who is Butterfly Effect Leadership for? Who is Butterfly Effect Leadership not for?
Business owners People considering business with no clear idea
Team leaders, managers or CEO’s Employees not ready to step up as team leaders
Coaches and mentors People who are not called to make an impact
Women called to create social impact People who like to follow and have no desire to lead

If your circumstances fall on the left hand side of these columns please apply. If your circumstances fall on the right side of the column, please reach out to us and discuss a more suitable pathway designed to support you.

Butterfly Effect Leadership includes:

Note: If you’re considering One-on-one leadership coaching beyond the four sessions within the program speak to me about it when we have our qualifying chat.

If this lights you up I encourage you to take two consecutive steps now:

1. Register for a workshop

Register for one of the assertiveness workshops. Look for the class called “BE Leadership FREE Online”.

2. Complete your application

Complete our application form and I’ll help you decide if ‘BE Leadership’ is for you.


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