Lead from within and amplify your impact

Inspiring you to be an authentic, courageous, confident and assertive leader of today and the future.

Take the future into your hands and flourish in your unique way.

Are you ready to transform the way you lead to amplify your impact?

If you’re willing AND intentional you can jump into the arena and make an impact. You’re in the right place if you want to… 

Be True to Yourself

Be free to be authentically YOU without worrying about your imperfections

Shine your unique and authentic light into the world

Be Empowered to Empower Others

Own your vulnerability to generate trust in yourself and others 

Fulfil your vision and commitment to empower yourself and others

Lead from Within

Access your inner sources of power to develop yourself as a leader 

Lead others from the source of power within you

Butterfly Effect Leadership Offerings

We work with individuals one-on-one, within teams, groups and communities offering a range of bespoke coaching, workshops, programs and tools with one aim: for all girls and women to flourish.

The ‘Being Profile’ assessment tool is a leadership, performance, effectiveness assessment tool. It is the ‘bedrock’ that pinpoints what’s beneath all visible challenges. The potential is that by diagnosing what’s underneath those challenges we can devise a plan and move forward toward taking your future into your own hands. For best results it is accompanied by one-on-one coaching. The criteria is that you must be 18 years of age and intentional about your personal transformation.

Become intentional about taking your future into your own hands so you can flourish in YOUR unique way. With one-on-one coaching you will become an authentic, courageous, confident and assertive leader in your own life. The results; be true to yourself, be empowered to empower others and lead from within so you can amplify your impact.

At the Butterfly Effect Leadership Program we inspire women from all walks of life to lead from within. To do that our focus is on developing authentic, courageous, confident and assertive leaders. Amplifying impact means building a strong confident, assertive presence, trusting relationships and sustainable partnerships. We invite individual women embarking on business ventures and women within community organisations who are intentional about making a difference in the social impact arenas.

Focused on empowering a team, department, or a function within an organisation, from social impact to wide-scale transformation and impact across an organisation.

Our aim is to reach girls and women from all walks of life and provide bespoke workshops that support them to flourish. Our custom interactive workshops aim at empowering girls and women to have agency over all their decisions, be true to themselves and ultimately live fulfilled purposeful and autonomous lives on their own terms.

Hi, I'm Jeanette Mundy

The Principal Leadership Coach at Butterfly Effect Leadership

I have 40+ years in business, organisational development and change, training and facilitation. Empowering others to excel in leadership and life.

We expand and transform the way leaders lead with impact and influence.

Our clients create impact and influence those around them. They are effective, efficient and true to themselves as leaders. This makes them authentic that don’t feel the need to pretend to be something they’re not. This is the leader you need in your corner.

Butterfly Effect Leadership works within a new paradigm of thinking, which is that your leader is already within you. We will support you or your team to develop the inner leader.

We’re in partnership with a community of other coaches we empower individuals, professionals and business owners through personalised, measurable, and transformative leadership coaching, training and workshops.

At Butterfly Effect Leadership we’re committed to transforming these types of issues...

We get to the source of the deeper issues

Of all the major issues aspiring or existing leaders are facing there are deeper issues sitting under the surface that are difficult to see.

A trained coach can support you to shift any issues lurking around keeping you stuck, so you can move to a more desirable state.

This more desirable state will lead you to transitioning from where you are to where you want to be so you can amplify your impact.

From To
Worrying about what other people think of you Impacting, influencing and developing others
Fear of failure and not reaching standards Measuring your own milestones and success
Avoiding certain conversations Speaking assertively and confidently
Doubting your own ability to lead Leading with intention and empowering others
Others doubting your ability to lead Being vulnerable and generating trust
Stifled by the need to please Being decisive, knowing your no’s and yes’s
Being aggressive or submissive Being straight, firm and unambiguous; assertive
Constantly questioning yourself Being intentional and committed to your vision
Judging yourself and judging others Being accountable and responsible judgement free
Trying to change who you are to fit in Valuing yourself as you are and being authentic

At Butterfly Effect Leadership we’re not about quick fixes that don’t stick. We truly believe in transformation and we work from that philosophy to get great results for our clients.

What is leading from within?

Imagine having access to qualities within you that help you generate trust, empower yourself and others and accomplish what you want from life? Imagine if these qualities are the source of your power? Developing the leader within you?

The potential for you to lead authentically without worrying about your imperfections, so you can shine your authentic light on the world is closer to you than you think. At Butterfly Effect Leadership we support aspiring and current leaders access their potential, causing great relationships, teams and measurable results. Beyond that, being fulfilled in in all the areas of your life.

We do this with individuals, teams, and organisations. Because leading from within has the potential to create exponential results.

Since working with Jeanette in her Butterfly Effect program I am so much more courageous about speaking up & out about what I feel truly passionate about. I am digging deeper into my emotions than ever before & finding so much clarity & many gold-nuggets that are helping me to sort through past life events as well as current everyday occurrences. After the 1 day immersion in particular – I know I have a power in me that is unstoppable! Now I am such an observer of my moods & emotions! And I’m no longer afraid to go deep – and I mean REALLY deep! And by doing this myself, I am observing my clients in a whole new (deeper) manner & it is enabling me to help them go much deeper as well. I am really noticing my own and my clients language & body – so much so that it has now become a habit. All these things have truly assisted me in my own coaching business like I never anticipated! Jeanette is powerful, constructive and very caring and supportive. She took the time to really help me in one particular area which was totally unexpected & MUCH appreciated! Jeanette is an extremely caring & supportive coach – but more than that, she will assist you to get to the roots of what might be holding you back & stopping you from true growth.
– Ali Sugars

Business Empowerment Coach and Motivational Speaker

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