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Welcome to the Community Hub

We are committed to cultivating women as leaders and giving early access to leadership qualities for teen girls. We believe access to programs that instil and inspire leadership must reach a wide range of girls and women of different ages, demographics, ethnicities and economic backgrounds.

Our vision

Inspiring girls and women to be authentic, courageous, confident and assertive leaders, within their own lives and in the lives of others. Our aim is to reach and empower girls and women from all walks of life to flourish, empowering them to have agency over their decisions, be true to themselves and ultimately live fulfilled, purposeful and autonomous lives on their own terms. Then for those girls and women to be inspired to go on to be leaders of the future.

Whether you are:

We’re interested in working with you to support you to reach your mission and vision. 

We will meet with you for an initial conversation where together we can assess your needs.

Then with you we will decide an approach that best suits your organisations specific needs.

We believe that to amplify impact we must lead from within.

That the qualities we possess, and our unique gifts and offer to the world are already there waiting to be expressed. Once expressed and we are living life to our fullest potential, we will inspire others to do the same. 

If you can see the potential of your girls and women fit into this vision we encourage you to have a conversation with us, to see where we can partner together.


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