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Welcome to the Assertiveness Hub

Here, you can choose your pathway to assertiveness through our interactive and immersive workshops and programs. 

Why assertiveness? Assertiveness is the quality that enables us to speak our mind, use our voice and be clear about what we want and what we don’t want. It is a quality that enables us to make clear requests, determine our values and set our boundaries. So that we can be more intentional, focused and committed to our goals and dreams. 

Many people struggle to be assertive.  They often swing between ‘nice’ and ‘nasty’. Being assertive doesn’t come naturally because we’re not socialised toward assertiveness. We’re either socialised to be ‘nice’ or ‘nasty’. There are many misconceptions about assertiveness – what it is and what it isn’t. 

The good news is, it’s a quality we can absolutely access and develop within ourselves!

Many of us relate to holding in or pushing down uncomfortable emotions and feelings that often remain unresolved. Then rather than being clear, firm, and unambiguous, we hold back, we judge, we raise our voice, we stomp our feet, we become aggressive or have emotional outbursts, or we stay silent through self oppression. We lose our voice. 

Many people identify the need to be assertive when they recognise something isn’t working in their interactions and relationships. Whether they can’t make clear assertive requests, hesitate to say what’s important to them, or pretend they’re happy with a situation when they’re not!  

There’s no freedom in that and it’s where we fail ourselves the most. It leads to anger, frustration, resentment, sadness and giving up our point of view. 

Ask yourself…

Whatever it is for you, how is that impacting your everyday life and what is it costing you?

Assertiveness is a quality that we all need.

It gives us access to our inner strength, courage and confidence, and enables us to embrace our authentic selves.

So, it’s time to redefine assertiveness and own your voice so that you can have rich, wonderful interactions and relationships in your personal and professional life. Whether you’re a mother, a manager, a business owner, or a CEO… keep reading, this assertiveness hub is for you!

What Assertiveness IS What Assertiveness ISN’T
Being firm and direct ‘Nice’ or ‘nasty’
Being unambiguous Aggressiveness or control
Knowing what you will say ‘no’ to Resorting to threats
Knowing what you will say ‘yes’ to Resorting to manipulation
Speaking up without fear Resorting to intimidation
Speaking up without fear of judgement Shrinking down
Say what’s on your mind without hesitation Silencing yourself
Get your point of view across Outdated ‘good girl’ conditioning
Making clear requests Outdated ‘aggressiveness’ conditioning

At Butterfly Effect Leadership, we are transparent about assertiveness and we debunk the myths so we can support you to improve or transform your relationship with this powerful quality.

When you have a healthy relationship with assertiveness you'll:

In the process you’ll break free from social norms where in the past you’ve felt hesitant, silent or compelled to please others. 

You’ll have the opportunity to positively impact yourself as a partner, parent, leader, business owner, CEO, manager, employee or member of your community.

Our workshops and programs are designed to tackle these ingrained social norms head-on one step at a time, so you can:

If you need to be an assertive leader in your home, your workplace or your business the assertiveness hub can take you there.

Choose your next step

Online (Free) Assertiveness Workshop

A 1.5 hour online workshop

Learn what assertiveness is and what it’s not so you can embrace your inner voice, speak up confidently, shatter the ‘nice’ stereotype.

Online Assertiveness Program

A four week online masterclass

Develop your assertiveness and the courage to be vulnerable and speak up where it matters to you.

Assertiveness In-Person One Day Workshop

One Day Event in Mackay, QLD

It’s time to redefine your relationship with assertiveness so you can own your voice, be confident in who you are and what you want and improve your interactions and relationships.


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